Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Last full council

Tomorrow I take part in my last full council meeting as a city councillor, as I am not standing in May.

Work and the need to build a pension pot that is realistic, especially as I do not expect their to be a state pension by the time I retire, means I have to refocus my life and to creating a safe future for me.

I will be sad to leave the political arena but know that there are times when change is necessary, crossroads, where decisions on direction must be made.

After twenty years in local politics (on and off) I do feel I have done my share in elected public service for the moment.

I have held a council seat for 15 of those twenty years
Served as cabinet member in two administrations
Chaired Scrutiny panels
Held four posts in my party's local executive
Stood for parliament in 2005
Chaired my party and the council Labour group
Represented the council and my party on the execs. and governing bodies in many institutions in the city
Managed one general election campaign and three local
Designed too many leaflets to mention
And represented or mediated on behalf of many a constituent.

As a result of this I have sacrificed any other type of career, lost/gained friends and experienced real frustration.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Strike action

Protest too much?

Today I march and wave a flag
Blow a whistle and applaud a rant or two,
Join with other comrades whose bag
Is a protest at not being listened to?

Today I wave a placard and shout,
About my rights as a class worker.
Show those who would rather flout,
The effect of joint organisation and its clout.

Today I walk with those who protect,
Organise and administrate society,
To say to those to whom we elect
Without our effort and us, there is no electoral piety

Today I say listen, negotiate and realise
That we the workers in the public sector
Will not be treated with contempt and see through the guise,
Of austerity and reform, seeing a dishonest specter.

Today I protest.