Sunday, 17 May 2015

New Leader, New Party but not New Labour

So the race has begun for the new national leader and some rumours that there may be a bid of new local leader, only rumours though, more lilkely just a new cabinet as the finance cabinet member has stood down.

Nationally; one has pulled out (due to lack of support at parliament I suspect), one has clashed with the Unions and one is definately a no hoper and two unknowns.   I wonder if the party now has to wipe the plate clean, change it's livery and change it's spots, to mix my metaphors a little.

The party locally has  now not only election wounds to lick but a local council with a very slim majority.  Discipline and one shared vision are essential if anything is going to be achieved in this council year. 

The Labour councils issue is delivering on some very unsavoury cuts to services  and dramatic changes to how local services are to be run.   Existing models of operation are now defunct but do the politicians have the gumption or staminar to make those decisions?  Particularly as there will be public outcry.

Friday, 15 May 2015

outside looking in

It has started, though Labour maintains control in the city,  the soul searching of national loss and the surprise loss of two Itchen councillors, is resulting in navel gazing, in the local party.

Labour is doing it's best locally to balance the cut in services and protect the electorate from the worst of austerity agenda.  However  as politician when you are cutting and changing the authority you need smooze your own party/cllrs  as much as you need to do the best for the city.

 I suspect that the current newly independent cllr feels ignored and feels that a series of pseudo left wing promises have not been kept.  However there is certain level of naivety about politics from newly principled indy councillor.   Remember you have to be nice to all comrades on the way up, earn colleagues respect, as you will need their goodwill when in jam or want people to listen to your point of view.

p.s. For the party - Navel gazing usually results only in finding the fluff, it is how the navel is dressed that is important.