Thursday, 10 July 2014

Strike action

Protest too much?

Today I march and wave a flag
Blow a whistle and applaud a rant or two,
Join with other comrades whose bag
Is a protest at not being listened to?

Today I wave a placard and shout,
About my rights as a class worker.
Show those who would rather flout,
The effect of joint organisation and its clout.

Today I walk with those who protect,
Organise and administrate society,
To say to those to whom we elect
Without our effort and us, there is no electoral piety

Today I say listen, negotiate and realise
That we the workers in the public sector
Will not be treated with contempt and see through the guise,
Of austerity and reform, seeing a dishonest specter.

Today I protest.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Share of vote

Good percentage of the votes cast for Labour but add up the UKIP and all the other minor parties (not Libdem as guess that will stay at 8%) and that is the percentage you need to target to win Itchen and Test.  It is those voters who are the undecided at a the general election and will need persuading.

These figures would mean a 1k majority in Test to Labour and tie in Itchen.  However these figures do not translate as most of Swaythling and Bassett in Romsey and Soton North seat and come a general election Portswood swings back to Labour.